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Joker Boat Company Presentation

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Joker Boat , is a company situated in Cologno Monzese (MI) Italy, since 1962 Joker Boat works at the top of the Italian and International market in the production of RIB Boats. It deals with high quality products as productive standards (artisanship, choices of the materials ex: engineered design Fibreglass hull , Tech Fabric composed by 4 layers of calendered sheets such as CSM Layer - Hypalon, Neoprene Layer , accuracy of the finishes), security and water performances.

All these characteristics are the subject of constant technical research, upgrade and rigorous sea trials. The buoyancy, seaworthiness and exceptional performances , not to quote the essential and elegant design, make Joker Boat’s RIBs instantly recognizable on the international production scene.

Our boats are the result of a long design study and repeated test and verification; very beautiful for the pleasant combination of colours, elegant and highly reliable.

Joker Boat is present in Italy with over 70 outlets operated by dealers, while abroad exports in several countries, most of his production is sold in Europe, whereas the 25% of his product are sold in other countries.

Joker Boat is the first selling name in the RIB Business in Italy's domestic market. Our heritage is derived from the old days of racing boats and Nautica Aiello is among the oldest manufacturers of R.I.B.'s in Italy going back in boatbuilding years in the 60's. Our boats are well designed and excel in quality. Their refined finish and thoughtful layout cater for most leisure requirements yet they are extremely functional and practical. Our range goes up to 10Mt and these great boats can be powered by O/B engines, petrol or diesel.

Joker Boat offer a wide set of pneumatic boats composed by 27 model starting from 3Mt up to 10Mt. where every need of sail finds an ideal solution, available in the series "Clubman", "Coaster" and "Wide’’. The WIDE range continues to raise the broadest possible interest and approval in the public for its well-designed shape that enables the users to make full use of the internal space.

As ever characterized by exceptional finishes, the new models are more and more complete and full equipped also in the standard version. All these features make Joker Boat , present also in the segment of cabin RIBs with its WIDE 9.50, still and ever a leading brand on the Italian and international scene of leisure RIBs.

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