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Award for Hannam Total Marine leisure boat specialist (CEO Jun-ku Lee, on the global news network AVING. He is honored to receive a 'VIP ASIA Awards 2014' under the leisure goods sector for their ‘Transparent Canoe’.


In this year’s 9th VIP (Very Important Product) ASIA Awards, focused on Innovative Technology and Market-Driven trend goods, Innovative Ideas and Designs, and selected product with combined superior quality and performance. This VIP awards ceremony which took place on April 28, 2014 at The Ritz-Calton, Grand Ballroom in Seoul which held more than 200 attendees was a great success.


The winner of the 2014 VIP Asian Awards for the transparent canoe family for leisure tour boats designed so as to see the underwater landscape beneath your feet. This canoe is design with family leisure in mind. It has great safety feature that guarantees great excitement and comfort for water lovers to enjoy water leisure freely. 


The boat is made with a new, transparent, light weight materials that can easily be transported.  It is tough and does not break easily. Also, the commercial HN-101 transparent canoe model which weighs only 20kg is design for easy movement of the weight of the individual giving great leisure and underwater view experience. The HN-102 (Rural Resorts, Pensions model) also give the same satisfaction as the HN-101 but with a lot more conformability and space. The HN-103 comes with a feature for a detachable 12V battery motor. This model’s convenient feathers also makes it useful even for fishing purposes.

Hannam Total Marine is a company that has established itself in the leisure, small boat manufacturing and services sector industry, based on the experience and expertise for over 30 years. It has a transparent information systems in state-of-the-art product development and mass production of the entire process through continuous research and development all of which are geared towards superior technology and productivity for boat building.


Hannam Total Marine has earned full patent for transparent canoe, transparent flagship boats series for coming up with new, environmentally friendly, water leisure transparent material for making its canoes. Due to this, he has gain competitive edge in the small boat recreation sector and he is also building a plant for mass production of transparent boat.


On the other hand, this year 'VIP ASIA 2014' award ceremony incorporated the runway business representatives award ceremony after conducting to award prizes for working and professional models. It combined the business award representatives awarded a trophy


On the other hand, this year 'VIP ASIA 2014' award ceremony will combine business representatives’ trophy award with a festive atmosphere where you can enjoy performances featuring all participants.


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